What Year is Gen Z? 3 Main Characteristics of Generation Z

Generation Z: Everything you should know about them

To tell the truth, talking about Generation Z is talking about a new concept for some, known for some characteristics for others, but little understood by all, and although its similarity with the Millennials is great, there is that line that makes the real difference.

What Year is Gen Z?

Age Z, also called Zillennials, remembers those brought into the world in the 1990s and 2000s (1995-2000), even though it isn’t yet clear cut. Although it seems to be similar to millennials, the truth is that they have very defined traits that we will see later.

Currently, the first members of Generation Z are in a stage where they are either about to finish their university life or already looking for a job, while the younger ones are in the dilemma of choosing a career to study.

Main Characteristics of Generation Z

Among its main features, it stands out that this generation is deeply rooted in everything involved in technology, how many times have we not heard that people of this age are told that they come with an integrated chip or similar things?

Another characteristic is that it is a very enterprising generation and a percentage of them believe that they do not necessarily have to study to achieve professional success.

Being a technological generation, it is logical that they are well-identified with online communities.

They also tend to worry about the environment and the future, which leads them to maintain an environmental culture.

Generation Z vs Millennials

As mentioned before, both have similar characteristics. The reality is that the slight differences they may have represented a world of interests.

Mainly, the Millennials grew up in an environment where uncertainty was present during the Great Recession, while they were worried about this, the brands were looking for ways to get their attention since the classic media were not enough.

Generation Z is characterized by demanding attention or experience from companies. In addition, millennials multitask and spend most of their day in front of a screen, which is not very different from Zillennials.

Advantages to today’s world

As currently referenced, some of them are between completing their college studies and searching for a task, indeed because of their qualities we will want to see a large percentage of this generation developing in the computer world, environment, and financial consulting, and why not, taking advantage of the opportunities offered today to develop new projects.

The mixture of their characteristics leads them to be of great interest to many companies, however, it still represents a challenge for some to understand this generation and thus exploit their potential.

Finally, like this, new generations will come that are more and more similar and more different from each other, with different approaches and that we will have to understand as professionals and as consumers. What is certain is that each time the new generations are more familiar with technology and its advances, they will not stop surprising us.


1. What time period is Gen Z from?

Age Z (Gen Z) alludes to the age of Americans born from 1997 to 2012. The most seasoned individuals from Gen Z are beginning their post-training years, with new professions and, potentially, families; the most youthful is 10.

2. What is the Gen Y age range?

Twenty to thirty-year-olds are as of now matured 20-35, or born between 1980 and the finish of 1994. They are actually called Age Y since they follow on from Age X (conceived 1965-1979), and other, less complimenting names.

3. What are Gen Z known for?

Generation Z grew up with innovation, the web, and online entertainment, which sometimes makes them generalized as tech-dependent, hostile to social, or “civil rights champions.”

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